Today Elizabeth announces her debut album, The Wonderful World of Nature, out November 1 on Our Golden Friend.  With this news she also shares the debut single, 'Parties.' The track premiered at The FADER and Elizabeth told them, “‘Parties’ is about the lack you feel when you lose someone close to you and try to fill the void with cocktails and strangers. It's about the surprising distance you can feel from someone even though you once loved them so hard. It's a heartbreak banger designed for sad girls and those who love them.”  

Photo by Naomi Lee Beveridge

Photo by Naomi Lee Beveridge

She further explains, “I shot the video with Nick McKinlay, a true champion. It's fun and glamorous but it's all about isolation, the feeling of watching other people having a good time while not fully being able to participate. We played with the idea of party clichés; the dull and tense office party, a Heathers-esque garden party, a wild Hen's night and a classy cocktail party." 

Of “Parties” The Fader notes, "The quiet, ambient siren that heralds the beginning of Elizabeth’s debut single “Parties” feels like a warning alarm; It practically tells the listener This song could fuck you up. Chaotic, heartbroken pop in the vein of Lykke Li and Sky Ferreira, “Parties” is a forceful and resonant first single from the Melbourne-based singer-songwriter; with its central hook of “I go to parties like I don’t need anybody / But I only miss you more,” “Parties” begs to be screamed along to in the Uber home or wept along to during a Monday afternoon comedown." Read full Fader feature here.

A new patron saint of sad girls, Elizabeth is a glamorous tragic, a queer pop anti-heroine holding a curtain of glittering melodies and catchy veneers over ugly truths. "Parties" is a sparkling, slowburn sad-banger, an exorcism in excess, and an awakening. Channelling the energy of Marissa Cooper dumping her banana lounge into the pool, 'Parties' is messy, glamorous, and demands your attention. The Wonderful World of Nature is made up of pop songs that leave a lasting mark; they bruise and linger. Tasked with building out the world in Elizabeth’s deepest imagination was producer John Castle, who now adds Elizabeth to his roster of collaborators alongside HatchieCub SportJack River and Vance Joy. Operating with an absolute absence of ego, together Castle and Elizabeth succumbed to their purest pop whims. Pre-order album here.

The Wonderful World of Nature out 1st November

The Wonderful World of Nature out 1st November

Who is Elizabeth…. 

Elizabeth first established herself as the lead singer and songwriter of the Melbourne indie-pop outfit Totally Mild. After releasing two beloved records, the band dissolved, granting her the independence she’d required to fully commit to her solo project and the space to reimagine who Elizabeth can be. 

Who Elizabeth can be, it appears, is a glamorous tragic. A queer pop anti-heroine holding a curtain of glittering melodies over ugly truths.

Casting herself as the antagonist wielding pop songs as weapons, she wipes away her running mascara and escapes a destruction of her own making. This debutante divorcée has traded in her white veil for a cocktail and concocted a collection of shimmering heartbreak bangers that celebrate the femme and her indulgent indiscretions. The record is a testament to obsession and the desire to consume as much – of people, of substances, of herself – as she can.

I go to parties like I don’t need anybody / Then I only miss you more / Excited faces, unfamiliar places / I will try to forget it was me who you adored

The addictive pull of people and the parties where they sway together in dark corners hangs like a cloud of smoke over the record. Through the dark, Elizabeth emerges as a tortured muse taking it all in with a pout, all batting eyelashes and ulterior motives, her platforms leaving ghostly marks behind on sticky carpets. Like Lana Del Rey, she proves to be an expert in extracting beauty from catastrophe, balancing a whimper and a snarl precariously on a knife’s edge.

In facing the futility of holding onto something that’s already slipped out of her grasp, Elizabeth has created a new kind of heartbreak album  - one made up of pop songs that leave a lasting mark; they bruise and linger. The Wonderful World of Nature exists in a place of its own making; one where hedonistic and tender femmes can freely indulge in their desires and the things that cause them pain, emerging broken and whole in new ways on the other side.  

Elizabeth will play special single launches in Melbourne and Sydney to celebrate the release of 'Parties'. On Saturday September 7Elizabeth and her band of angels will play a free show in Sydneyat the Vic on the Park, and on Saturday September 14 they grace Melbourne's Northcote Social Club, with tickets available here.