jade imagine

 Photo: Tajette O’Halloran

Photo: Tajette O’Halloran


Melbourne’s Jade McInally, who writes and releases music with her band Jade Imagine, writes songs of wry, quiet determination. Tinged with wit and self-awareness, the songs are built on guitar lines that move with a satisfying, mid tempo forward-motion. Jade Imagine examine the everyday with an attitude that oscillates between detached and perceptive, each turn of phrase offering a keen insight or a subtle poetic meditation.

McInally will be familiar to those who’ve seen her as a touring member of Teeth & Tongue, bass player for Jess Ribeiro, or as a member of her former project TANTRUMS, but with a 7-inch to their name as Jade Imagine, the band make music that is subtle and candid, personal and understated, peppered with dry one-liners that stop a listener in their tracks.